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Would you like to receive reimbursement and damages for the negative impact of abortion in your life?


Abortion has proven risks which can damage the emotional, physical and financial health of not just the woman herself but also of her parents, spouse, and future children. Even if those risks have not manifested in a woman, she and her family could receive damages.

A signed consent form does not exclude eligibility. In fact even if you did not have an abortion, you may still receive damages: Prior individual court cases have already proven various risks and awarded damages. Now after more than a decade of the abortion industry’s continuing refusal to recognise and warn women of these risks, its time to launch class action lawsuits. 

But are you wondering about the truth of these risks? Why don’t we read of them in our media? Because the truth doesn’t fit what the media want to portray about the safety of abortion. The abortion industry is afraid that if women know the truth about the health risks of abortion they will choose to carry their babies to term.

But the physical and emotional risks have been established through hundreds of studies covering millions of women. These risks have been validated in the courtroom. 

Please enroll in this email list. We will use it to encourage law firms in all the countries and jurisdictions represented in this list, to make the large investment necessary to launch a class action lawsuit. Your email and information you provide in this form WILL NOT be given to anyone. 

NOTE 1: Keeping this growing list up to date and compliant with various governmental regulations requires emails being sent to you from time to time. These emails can cost us thousands of dollars each time as the list grows: Advertisers will be sought to help offset our costs of fighting to establish these class action suits.


NOTE 2: We cannot guarantee the success of this endeavor toward class action lawsuits.  

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